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Take a rejuvenating Himalayan Salt bath

Pink Himalayan salt offers a variety of health benefits. Taking a salt bath with authentic Himalayan natural salt can help balance the body’s pH, lower blood pressure, detoxify and deep clean your skin.

The first step is to wash thoroughly before taking a detox salt bath to clear away remains of any perfume, soap, shampoo to avoid any of it mixing with the salt bath and lessening tis affect.

Fill up the bath tub with water that is just above body temperature, not too hot, nor too cold. You can add the salt while filling up the bath. It is usually recommended to add around 2 - 2.5 pounds of salt to an average size tub. For smaller tubs and foot bowls, the quantity can be adjusted accordingly. Once the salt dissolves, you may add essential oils if you like. Immerse yourself in the salt water and let your body relax.

Generally, 20 to 30 minutes is good enough for a Himalayan salt bath. You might feel somewhat dehydrated while taking a salt bath, so make sure you have a glass or bottle of water bottle with you to drink from while you soak.

Since salt water is safe to leave on your skin, you do not need to rinse yourself or wipe down your body. It’s generally recommended to air dry the body after a salt bath and use this drying time to rest for at least 30 minutes to recover from the detox. It is even better to take this bath right before bed as it allows more time for rest and ensures a better sleep.

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