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Animal Lick Salt

​Himalayan Salt licks are the perfect salt nutrition and mineral supplement for cattle, horses, and other livestock. With all the essential nutrients needed by the animal at all life stages – they are an essential part of daily feed.


Salt licks are especially important in harsh weather and environments with poor availability of the much needed nutrients, as well as elements such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements required for bone, muscle and other formation in animals. Lactating cows, for instance, are particularly vulnerable to salt deficiency and every day, they need salt to make milk which contains a good amount of sodium and chloride.


Himalayan salt licks are more than just salt – they are complete health supplement both for animals and cattle including horses, cows, buffaloes, sheep, camels, home and farm pets. Cattle require salt every day for osmotic pressure maintenance, acid-base balance, body-fluid balance, nerve transmission and active transport of amino acids, as well as cellular uptake of glucose carrier protein, and Sodium, as part of salt, provides the majority of alkaline reserve in plasma. Chlorine is necessary for activation of amylase, formation of gastric HCl acid, and is critical for respiration and regulation of blood pH.


Deficiency of salt can cause muscle cramps, rough coat, decreased feed intake, licking and chewing various objects, as well as decreased production. Dairy cows get hit the hardest first with salt deficiency and may collapse and die if they have been salt-deficient for a long period of time.


At Selrox, we only use food grade rocks of salt crystal to craft natural lick salt and compressed salt blocks. Natural lick salt also comes rope for easy hanging on fences and branches of trees in the pasture. These licks are weather resistant and produced in different weights to be hung in the farm and fields for the animals to ‘self-dose’ as required.


Natural salt licks are unprocessed and without any chemical additive, purely organic and inexpensive as cattle nutrient.  They provide cattle and animals the right amount of required minerals for healthy growth and production.


Compressed salt lick blocks are also made of 100% natural pink salt without any additives or derivatives.

These natural salt licks that contain 84 minerals & trace elements, are available in 5lb, 10lb and 22lb weights. 

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