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Bulk Himalayan Salt Wholesale

Selrox is a leading source of bulk Himalayan Salt products that include fine and coarse pink salt, smoked Himalayan salt, Himalayan Salt and herbs seasonings, cooking and BBQ salt tiles, salt lamps, bath salts, and agricultural and animal lick salt. Hand-mined and sourced directly from the largest, ancient salt mines under the Himalayan mountain range, pink salt is known to be rich in 84 minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Considered the purest form of salt on the planet, Himalayan salt ranges from light to dark pink depending on the density of its mineral composition. 

Himalayan Salt is well known for its therapeutic properties and widely used in baths as well as to produce natural scrubs, soaps, hot and cold compress salt pillows and other products for its refreshing, energizing and restorative effects. 

Produced under stringent quality assurance process, product and process certifications (GFSI, GMP, Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, FDA), Selrox helps food and spice manufacturers, organic retailers, bulk wholesalers, private label copackers, and feed producers across Canada and the US significantly improve their product quality and offer better value to their customers. 

Selrox can cater to a wide range of bulk orders in standard and custom packing - from local fulfillment of small bulk, skid loads and LTL to direct export of 20-foot and 40-foot containers from the origin. 

Click here for bulk wholesale inquiries or call 1-866-439-9502

wholesale salt and spices

*Above are some of the products generally available ex-stock at our North American distribution centres.   

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