Himalayan Pink - The Choicest Bulk Salt for Foodservice & Manufacturing

Pink Himalayan salt is a premium gourmet salt found exclusively in the Himalayan mountain ranges of Pakistan. The market for Himalayan Pink Salt witnessed significant growth globally, due to the growing awareness among consumers regarding its multiple health benefits vis-a-vis regular table salt.

While the trend towards this amazing natural seasoning grew primarily among millennials and Gen-Z consumers that are significantly more health and wellness conscious than their predecessors, it has now effectively penetrated older consumer segments, fueled by strong internet and social media influence.

Aside from consumption at home, consumers are now getting more conscious about what they buy off retail shelves and what products best align with their healthy lifestyle choices. Needless to say, the winners in this shifting marketplace are the players that are constantly listening to their consumers - focusing on achieving standardization and certifications for their products to ensure reliability and delivering on their promise every time.