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Stimulating the palate with real Himalayan Black Salt

Himalayan Black Salt (aka Kala Namak) is a special rock salt mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan, having matured over 250 million years. In its natural form, the Black Salt ranges from brownish-pink to deep purple, due to the iron sulfides. Easily absorbed by the human body, it is largely believed to help regulate natural bodily functions.

eggs with black salt

Black salt is widely used for cooking and seasoning in South and East Asian homes, both on its own or along with other spices. With a very distinctive, savory flavor, it can greatly enhance a wide variety of foods and snacks. Use it as a seasoning on salads, soups, eggs, potatoes, veggies, tofu, yogurt as well as to prepare savory pickles, condiments, and chutneys. It is also used to flavor fruits, popcorn, chips, juices, teas, specialty drinks, and smoothies.

For vegans, the Black Salt is truly one of nature’s most delightful gifts. It can remarkably enhance the flavor of tofu scrambles, vegan omelets, greens, quiches, and many other vegan recipes.

Traditional skincare practitioners also consider Black Salt as an anti-inflammatory agent as its coarse texture helps heal cracked heel, swollen foot, and even sprain. In addition, Black Salt mixed in distilled water is considered to act as a cleanser - helping open clogged pores and providing a gleaming skin.

Try the Black Salt in your recipe or sprinkle some on your snack. And when you get that palate stimulating experience, you’re sure to wonder why it’s not been in your pantry all along.

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