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Shoo those aches and pains with a Himalayan Salt Pillow

Its Sunday evening and you’re just back from a summer weekend trip. Sure, was a lot of fun. Just as you drop on your easy chair, it’s all too clear how that uphill hike tested every muscle in your body. And now they’re protesting rather painfully. Before you pop those pills, you might want to try this little wonder pillow that could really help - naturally.

Packed with all the good minerals

You must have heard about Himalayan Pink Salt. Yes, that amazing rock star with eighty something minerals that everybody just loves these days. If you’ve given up on regular table salt, you may even have a shaker or grinder of this natural salt at home. Guess what? It’s not just great for cooking. The 84 minerals and trace elements this wonder salt packs actually provides incredible health benefits.

Pink Salt Pillow for pain and stress relief

Filled with 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt, Therapeutic Salt Pillows and Neckrolls provide natural hot or cold compress for relief from muscle aches, headaches, inflammation, strains and other ailments, by easing tense muscles, soothing aches and relaxing the body.

Hot or Cold Therapy

To use the salt pillow or neckroll as a heat compress, heat it in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes at a maximum of 75 (165F), or put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. You can heat more at 30-second intervals up to 3 minutes. Test the heat of the pillow/neckroll to make sure it is bearable then place it on the affected area.

To use salt pillow or neckroll as a cold compress, place it in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. When cold enough, place it on the affected area.

All Natural & Recyclable

Here’s what makes Himalayan Salt Pillow and Neckroll such a great way to release muscular stress and relax:

  • 100% natural cotton for quick heating and better heat retention.

  • Recyclable and organic. Fine salt can be used for salt baths and cotton bag can be recycled.

  • Provides required pressure for heat compression therapy due to weight (approx. 3 lbs).

  • Salt Pillow and Neckroll can be heated in microwave due to their 100% cotton fabric (other salt bags that use mixed/synthetic fabric that cannot be microwaved).

  • Himalayan Salt crystals last indefinitely as long as the salt pillow is not exposed to excessive moisture.

Ready to give it a shot? You could pick up a salt pillow or neckroll at the Selrox Store on Amazon US or Amazon Canada. And once you’ve tried it, don’t forget to share your feedback.

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