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Selrox Private Label Himalayan Salt Production

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

As your private label partner, Selrox offers 100% natural gourmet, bath and spa Himalayan salt from a wide range of grain specs and hues, combined with standard or custom packaging formats.

With ISO-9001, HACCP, FDA and Halal certifications, our stringent QA and integrated non-chemical process, ensure we deliver only the purest, all-natural Himalayan salt products to customers in North America, EU and around the world. We work closely with you every step of the way – from design, to packaging development to product selection, production and shipping to your door.

Our in-market teams actively engage with your sourcing, supply chain and technical personnel, and work closely with them to ensure effective planning and execution of your private label project from start to finish.

Selrox offers private label services in several packaging formats:

  • Stand-up pouches

  • Pillow pouches

  • Plastic & glass jars

  • Salt mills/grinders

  • Salt shakers

  • Poly bags

Sample our salt today

It's no secret that Pink Himalayan salt is the purest and healthiest form of salt available that contains more than 84 minerals and trace elements, adding more than just flavour to your food. It’s many varieties include culinary salts, body scrubs, bath salts and is also used to produce salt lamps, cooking blocks and more. With more people each day discovering power of the pink salt, it’s a great time to start selling your very own private label. And we have just the menu for you to choose from.

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