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Is your Himalayan salt lamp authentic?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Himalayan pink natural salt lamps
Natural Salt Lamps

With increasing awareness around health and wellness, Himalayan salt and products made from this pure, natural salt are gaining popularity. Yet, with it comes the perils of falling into the trap of non-authentic, fake products sold as genuine Himalayan Salt.

So how do you tell real Himalayan Salt Lamp from a fake? Luckily for you, there are few major indicators that can give you a fair idea.

Khewra Mines in Pakistan
Khewra Mines - Pakistan

If its not from Pakistan, its probably a fake

Himalayan salt comes from the Salt Range, situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. This is also home to Khewra Salt Mine, world’s second largest salt and Pakistan’s largest mine which rises from the Indo-Gangetic Plain. This is the source of real Himalayan pink salt, whether its for cooking, seasoning, making salt lamps, tealight holders, cooking blocks, bath salts or salt scrubs. Do try to find out the origin of the lamp if not clearly mentioned on the packaging or online product description to determine if what your paying for is real or fake

If its too cheap to be the real deal, it probably isn’t

In this age of online stores and e-commerce, its difficult to be sure of the quality of everything you buy. Himalayan salt comes from a source thousands of miles away and mined largely by hand. A lot of work goes into not only extracting the salt but also crafting it into a lamp, while preserving its natural benefits. Which is why a genuine Himalayan salt lamp is going to be somewhat expensive, though the real lamps are great value for money and deliver on their promise many times over.

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp
Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

If it shines too bright, beware!

Himalayan salt crystal hues range from light pink to dark orange (almost reddish) which is why each piece is not only unique but also emanates light to different degrees. This soft brightness is also due to the fact that the rocks carry different minerals which contribute to light diffusion as well. If your average size lamp is able to fully a medium to large space, chances are its not the real deal.

Nothing lasts forever – well at least not a real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt rocks are inherently fragile and prone to chipping or breaking if not handled properly. If you’ve had a few incidents with your salt lamp but it still hasn’t had a ding or two, that should be good enough to get your suspicions up.

Do you feel the health benefits of your salt lamp?

You might have read different views online regarding benefits of Himalayan Salt lamp. There has been some research on the benefits of these beautiful lamps. While much of the respiratory health and wellness benefits of salt therapy or halotherapy comes from minute particles of pure sodium chloride dispersed by a halogenerator, research in this area provides some evidence that large amounts of a natural compound concentration - such as Himalayan salt - in an enclosed space can alter the vibrational frequency of the physical environment, leaving an ambient feeling in the room. Hence, Himalayan salt lamps décor can create a nice, ambient environment in which they are placed.

There is also some scientific evidence regarding chromatic nature of Himalayan salt. With its characteristic orange and pink hues, lighted Himalayan salt lamps or bricks can create a soothing environment to aid emotional and mental health.

Himalayan Pink Salt lamp sizes
Himalayan Salt lamp sizes

Smaller lamps (4-7 lbs) are great for an average size bedroom while larger (11-15 lbs) work quite well in living rooms and larger spaces. You can also use multiple smaller Himalayan Salt lamps to get that the same or better air cleansing effect.

Now that you have the right knowledge, you can be a lot more aware when buying a new Himalayan Salt lamp. Happy shopping!

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