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Crafted with passion, our aim is to make authentic Himalayan Salt products a part of every home and workplace.  Directly sourced from over 250 million years old salt mines of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, this purest form of salt on the planet is used in its original form as well as to produce a variety of specialty seasonings & blends, BBQ & cooking blocks, salt tiles & bricks, therapeutic salt pillows, animal lick salt and more.​


Here at Selrox Himalayan salt bulk wholesale online store, you'll find a select range of our most popular salt products at the lowest wholesale prices. For larger bulk orders, please contact us and we'd be happy to help with your requirements.

Selrox Himalayan Salt products are fully certified 100% natural with no additives or preservatives, produced and packaged under a stringent process that guarantees the finest quality - every time.

Himalayan Natural Animal Salt Lick (Case of 4)

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Brand: Selrox

Himalayan Natural Animal Salt Licks are the perfect salt nutrition and mineral supplement for cattle, horses, and other livestock. With all the essential nutrients needed by the animal at all life stages, they are an essential part of daily feed. Salt licks are especially important in harsh weather and environments with poor availability of the much needed nutrients, as well as elements such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements required for bone, muscle and other formation in animals.

Selrox Natural Animal Salt Licks are made of 100% natural Himalayan salt without any additives or derivatives and contain contain 84+ minerals & trace elements. These salt licks also have a center hole for using rope to hang on fence posts and hooks.

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