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How to prepare a relaxing therapeutic Himalayan salt bath

For an enjoyable, relaxing salt bath, the right ambiance can make all the difference. Create a relaxing atmosphere by using candles, perhaps some music, and ensure the environment is otherwise quiet and isolated. Have some sparkling water at hand to stay hydrated during the hot bath which also helps flush your system of toxins.

A quick shower before the bath might be a good idea to get rid of any grime or dirt to allow the body to absorb as much of the beneficial minerals as possible. Ensure your water is warm enough so as to be effective in detoxification, hydration, and relaxation.

While filling the tub, start adding salt to it so that it keeps dissolving. An average bathtub would hold about 130 liters (35 gallons) of water. The ideal ratio would be about 30 grams (1 ounce) for every 4 liters (or per gallon) of water. This works out to be around 1 kg or 2 pounds of salt.

Keep stirring the bath as you pour salt into it, making sure all the salt is completely dissolved. Some of the salt might settle at the bottom of the tub, so you might want to stir deep enough to get those grains to dissolve as well. Depending on your preference, you can also add essential oil to the bath for aromatherapy and enhanced relaxation. Quite a few people prefer lavender oils, but it really depends on your personal preference, as long as it does the job. Just make sure you only add a few drops before soaking in your tub.

That’s it. Your salt bath is now ready for a relaxing therapeutic experience. A half-hour dip in a salt bath usually works best for optimal results.

One last parting note. Make sure you buy high-quality, certified (ideally food grade) Himalayan salt for your bath. This will ensure there are no contaminants or other elements and that the only thing that goes into that bathwater is pure 100% natural Himalayan salt.

Here are the links to Small Granular Himalayan Pink Salt and Medium Granular Himalayan Pink Salt to choose from for your salt bath.

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